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Based in Buckinghamshire, FolcraTech is a distinguished digital marketing agency renowned across the UK and internationally. With over two decades of expertise, we empower our clients to streamline the execution of their digital marketing projects.

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Explore our extensive range of marketing outsourcing services. Whether used independently to address specific requirements or seamlessly integrated for a comprehensive approach, our diverse offering will support and the execution of your digital projects

Marketing Project Management

With over 25 years of extensive experience spanning various industries, we have earned a reputation for…

Website Design

Our innovative designs prioritise both aesthetics and seamless user experience, maintaining a high…


In today’s digital age, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a pivotal role in the success of online businesses…

Social Media

Establishing a robust presence on social media has become imperative for businesses aiming to thrive in a…

Graphic Design

We craft designs with precision and strategic intent, aiming to surpass your goals. Our comprehensive graphic…

Content Writing

We specialise in crafting tailored marketing content to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re launching a new…


From crafting compelling explainer videos to showcasing insightful interviews with key executives for…

Print Management

We can seamlessly manage all your printing needs, ranging from business cards and brochures to leaflets…

Promotional Merchandise

Effective brand identity is crucial, and promotional merchandise plays a pivotal role in its establishment…


Explore our extensive range of digital marketing services. Whether used independently to address specific requirements or seamlessly integrated for a comprehensive approach, our diverse offering will support and enhance your overall digital marketing strategy.

Website Design & Development

We offer a wide range of website services, ranging from sleek one-page designs to sophisticated e-commerce sites with API integrations. Our solutions cater to differing budgets, ensuring tailored choices for every customer.


We support our clients by developing an effective, yet affordable SEO strategy to ensure their website is better positioned to reach their target audience. Our SEO services include Onsite, Technical & Offsite (Organic) SEO.

Google Ads (PPC)

We craft targeted campaigns, optimise keywords, and manage budgets to maximise ROI. Our experts provide comprehensive analytics and continuous refinement for optimal ad performance.

Social Media

We create compelling campaigns tailored to specific demographics, ensuring high engagement and conversion rates. We track performance metrics, refine strategies and optimise campaigns for optimal results.

Digital Project

We’ve earned a reputation for our exceptional expertise in Digital Project Management. With more than 25+ years of extensive international experience, our goal is to handle your digital projects professionally and efficiently.

Email Marketing

We specialise in designing and executing customised email marketing campaigns tailored to your unique business objectives.

Content Writing

We specialise in crafting tailored marketing content for new websites, revamping existing content & writing copy to support Google Ads and social media advertising campaigns.


Our graphic design team delivers innovative and captivating designs that push artistic boundaries. Combining our unique blend of creativity and precision, along with a keen understanding of design aesthetics, we translate concepts into visually stunning creations.



Is your small business grappling with the challenges of online competition? Do you wish you had an enhanced digital presence and, most crucially, are you desperate to boost your revenue?

While we extend our services to companies of all sizes, our primary commitment lies in enabling small businesses to achieve greater success. Whether you need a new website developed or improvements made to your existing site to set you apart from your competitors, we can help. We also specialise in the setup and management of Google Ads, Social Media Advertising, and SEO which significantly boost sales. Some of our clients attribute up to 80% of their revenue to online advertising.

Technical expertise is not a prerequisite; all you need is the desire to elevate your business and can guide you from there. We streamline the process, providing step-by-step guidance to optimise your business. Our small business solutions are highly competitive cost-wise, and we even offer flexible payment plans, ensuring that businesses with modest budgets can compete on a level playing field.


Join us for a complimentary coffee and chat! Let’s explore your unique situation and discuss how we can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. No strings attached – just genuine conversation…



Digital Outsourcing Benefits

If you are an agency, utilise our services to:

  • Minimize your operational costs and boost your earnings
  • Experience reduced risks and expenses linked to in-house hiring
  • Expedite business expansion and adeptly handle peak workloads
  • Accelerate project delivery, fostering increased operational efficiency
  • Enhance your technical expertise and broaden your range of services
  • Gain unrestricted access to a pool of highly skilled resources

For many years, FolcraTech has been an unwavering advocate for our business’s marketing initiatives. We consistently value their dedicated commitment and enthusiasm. Their extensive proficiency across various marketing realms has been instrumental in propelling our company to success. I wholeheartedly endorse FolcraTech to any client seeking a reliable and impactful marketing solution.

Ragdan El-Akabi, CEO - Fiafi Group

Louisa and her team were not only easy to work with but also highly responsive. They demonstrated their technical expertise with our complex site, delivering our project swiftly and on schedule. The ongoing support I receive is truly appreciated, and I highly recommend them to any potential customer.

Peter Woolnough, Owner - RMC Equipment

Louisa and her team at FolcraTech demonstrated exceptional professionalism. When I was unsure about how to begin, they efficiently guided me through the process, establishing a remarkable website to showcase my products. Additionally, their support extended to shaping my overall marketing strategy. I would recommend FolcraTech to any emerging business.

As a creative my standards are high but FolcraTech have a robust process that makes everything easy – their attention to detail is rare in the industry and they really do care about doing a great job for each client.


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